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Info for: BB21
Info for: BT5 & BT5ECONO
Info for: BT9
Info for: BT11
Info for: BT14
Info for: BTX5
Info for: BTX11
Info for: BTX14
Info for: BXB-912
Info for: CT100
Info for: CV1317

Info for: BDL BB21 (This is our BB-21)
Info for: BDL BTX5 (This would be our BT-5)
Info for: BDL BT5Econo (This is the same as our BT5Econo)
Info for: BDL BTX11 (This is our BT-11)
Info for: BDL BTX9 (This is the same as our BT-9)
Info for: BDL BTXP-12 (This is our BTX-11)
Info for: BDL BTX14 (this is our BT-14)
Info for: BDL BTXP-14 (This is the same as our BTX-14)



  1. Clutch will not release - Check cable adjustment. Some after-market cables stretch so you lose cable pull. Readjust cable and leave some free play.
  2. Pressure plate not properly adjusted. Put the bike in neutral and spin hub. Check for parallel alignment.
  3. Check all 10 clutch pins for notches. If so, plates will not move freely.
  4. Pull on the outer basket to make sure its not loose, then spin to make sure it spins freely and concentric.
  5. Check friction plates and look at the ten holes. Make sure they are not egg shaped and steel plates for rolled over edges and flatness.

    If they are the anti-rattle type, check all rivets and make sure small ball bearings do roll. If they appear to be loose, do not reuse them. Replace with a type that do not have all those extra pieces like our part, BTS-5. That is the last thing you want is all those moving pieces floating around in there. If steels are wrapped and blued, they should be replaced. Sometimes you could bead blast and reuse.

  6. Check stack height. It should be 1.575. If kit is older, it will be under, if under 1.500, should be replaced. Part BT-5. Frictions and steels included.
  7. If plates appear to be glazed, sometimes for a quick fix you can bead blast steel plates and on the friction plates rub a piece of emery cloth or sand paper #220 grit to 400 in a circular motion on a flat surface to remove high spots and glazed area. This is very important to pre-soak plates even if you are running it dry. Why, for the initial start up even though the bike is in neutral, those plates are still rubbing against each other and will cause them to reglaze again. Just scuffing is not good, what you want is full contact area.
  8. Check and make sure all springs are evenly compressed and adjusted.
  9. What should you presoak them in?
    • ATF Type F. (No Dextron. Has slipping adjacencies.)
    • 20/50 motor oil - no synthetics.
    • B&M trick shift works very well. Just stick plates in a zip lock bag with oil for 10 - 15 minutes. Wipe off excess and install.
  10. Usually inspect all moving parts very carefully and always remember heat will destroy things.

Usually inspect all moving parts very carefully and always remember heat will destroy things.

Technical assistance can be had by calling (562) 404-5200 or e-mail We will be glad to help no matter whose parts you have!


  1. Check the stack height 1.575 is new. Don't go below 1.500.
  2. Pressure plate adjustment for proper and even.
  3. Check all 10 springs for height.
  4. Glaze plates. See #7 for Quick Fix.
  5. 1941-84 replacement kit - friction plates and steels with a pre-measured stack height BT-5 Performance Kit - Extra Plate Kit - BTX-5 includes 6 frictions, 5 steels and 10 springs.

1984 1⁄2 - 1989


  1. Check cable adjustment. Since this is a two-piece cable, adjustment is very easily lost.
  2. They went to a diaphragm spring which is one big spring and there is a setting adjustment (a) being the softed. If it tends to slip, move adjuster plate to (b) position if no better, move to (c) that is the strongest position.
  3. Remove plates and check stack height. Should be .885 - .900 new. If under size, needs to be replaced with BT-9. Kit includes frictions and steels.


  1. Check friction plates for glazed area and steel plates for flatness. This is very important. If frictions are glazed, and steel are warped, and spring is on (c) adjustment, you should replace frictions and steels included in kit BT-9 order.



  1. These bikes again have a two-piece cable so proper cable adjustment is very important.
  2. Check steels and frictions for warpage and discolored steels. If steels are discolored, it has reached very high heat and is time to replace with BT-11 or BTX-11. Diaphragm spring could of lost some tension if it slips at high RPM most likely its spring tension replace with part #BT-15. If frictions are warped, replace with part BT-11. frictions and steels or extra plate kit, BTX-11, 9 frictions and 8 steels. This is our performance kit.

Check your owners manual for minimum stack height. New fresh kit is 1.275 to 1.290

For any further technical assistance, feel free to call. We do not care whose clutch you bought, we're here to help. Energy One is not just selling parts, we sell engineered performance parts, manufactured by US. Race proven and tested and used by Belt Drives Ltd. and Rivera Engineering/Primo.